Women leaders. Creating change. Transforming their lives, communities and the world.

Our Impact

71 Campaign victories

that changed national policies, government/corporate practices or shift resources

148 Decision-makers engaged

450 Change Leaders 

650 Campaigns 

launched by Change Leaders globally

180 million lives 

impacted positively


‘Launchpad’ is an immersive leadership training that focuses on self-discovery of a change leader's power, building connections and growing the skills needed for leading social change campaigns. It is the first step an Nguvu change leader will take with us on their changemaking journey. 

During the Launchpad, a change leader will be part of a powerful cohort of 30 amazing change leaders from across the country.

This will be followed by two more phases that includes brand building and growing one’s community of support. 

The Collective

In the course of their long-term engagement with the program, they also build connections and collaborations with a collective of over 250 women Change leaders from earlier cohorts in South Asia, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. 

This collective will become the ecosystem of support in the change making journey of all incoming change leaders. 

This model has proven that this collective will become the catalyst for emerging social, cultural and political leaders driving impact.

About Nguvu

“Nguvu" means 'Power' in Swahili. Our name, Nguvu Collective, is inspired by our fundamental conviction: the power of a collective of women Change Leaders to make big, long-lasting changes in how things work.

This emerging collective of Change Leaders have already raised the standard for progressive civic policies in their communities. Their campaigns have mobilised millions of people around issues including health, economic justice, single parent’s rights,  environment, public safety, maternal health, and disability access. 

They are beginning to shift public narratives on critical issues, drive macro and micro-level changes in their communities and society, including changes to policies, governance, and civic service delivery.