We are ecosystem builders and facilitators of social change.

What We Do

4 African women standing together, smiling towards the audience

Change Leaders Alumni Meeting, Nigeria, 2022

"Nguvu" means 'Power' in Swahili. Our name, Nguvu Collective, is inspired by our fundamental conviction: the amazing strength of a group of Change Leaders to make big, long-lasting changes in how things work. We're all about helping these Change Leaders, one by one and when they work together, to create important and positive change in the world.

The idea of leaders pushing for change to help marginalised and disadvantaged people isn't new. However, many times, these leaders have to work alone, which can be really tough.

We're here to help. We work with new leaders from marginalised communities to make them stronger both socially and personally, so they can make a big, positive difference in society.

Our plan is to spread this power to many, many leaders, thousands in fact. Together, they can bring about positive changes in their communities and inspire other new leaders to do the same.

Our Origin Story

Our journey began in 2017 when we launched a program called She Creates Change at Change.org. The goal was to help women who wanted to make a positive difference in the world. We provided training and support to over 400 women, and they successfully ran campaigns to bring about social change. These women didn't just stop there; they inspired others in their communities, leading to thousands of social change campaigns in countries like India, Brazil, Colombia, and Indonesia. These campaigns ended up benefiting millions of people.

Seeing the success of She Creates Change, we decided to do something similar in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, creating a program called We Create Change, and it achieved similarly fantastic results.

As we went along this journey, we realised that leaders from marginalised communities needed personalised support, connections, and access to a Collective to help them make a bigger impact in driving social change.

So, after six years of incubation with Change.org, our flagship programs took a new direction in 2023 by becoming an independent organisation called Nguvu Collective. Our commitment to driving large-scale social change led by Change Leaders remains as strong as ever, and we're focused on expanding our reach and impact for Change Leaders and their communities worldwide.

4 Indian women standing together folding their hands in a confident manner

She Creates Change - Launchpad 9, India, April 2023

What's Next 

Our work has always been guided by what the Change Leaders and their Collective need. We want to create an ecosystem that allows thousands of emerging leaders from marginalised communities to take the lead in making positive changes in society.

We've been concentrating on helping each social change leader who works with us become more socially and personally powerful. We've found that this is a game-changing factor in their journey as leaders. 

Right now, we're mainly helping hundreds of Change Leaders in India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. But in the future, we want to expand and help Change Leaders in more countries all over the world. 

Our Partners

We are really excited and passionate about the important work we have ahead of us. We know that to make the big changes we want, we need to work closely with others who share our goals.

One of our key partners is the Change.org Foundation with whom we have been able to reach even more people and create more positive changes in communities. 

We're excited to begin this journey of working together with you to join forces on our mission. Feel free to connect with us through any of the social media channels listed below to discuss potential partnerships. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Image of Nguvu Collective CEO Preethi Herman, smiling

"There is a magical transformation when you bring people to form a community and support them and their ability to create change. This transformation has the power to change the world. This will not occur on its own. We have to create the vision, systems and engagement to help it flourish. We have to support the millions of people who are stepping up to change things positively in their communities around the globe"

- Preethi Herman, Co-Founder - Nguvu Collective and Obama Fellow